I am passionate about bringing people to art, and bringing art to people. As a former actress and singer, I have had the opportunity to work with immensely talented people, and some giants in the industry, both in the US and in Australia, where I lived and worked throughout the 1980s.  I live in New Haven, CT,  which is home to Yale University.  The cultural opportunities that exist through Yale are absolutely too many to mention, but let’s just say this is where Meryl Streep got her Masters in Drama and leave it there. New Haven is home to The Schubert Theatre and the Long Wharf Theatre, and up the road in Hartford, there is Hartford Stage, and in East Haddam is The Goodspeed Opera House, and a little further up in the Berkshires, we have the Williamstown Theatre Festival, The Berkshire Theatre Festival, the Berkshire Dance Festival, The Berkshire Theatre, Tanglewood (which is the summer home for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.)  And if that isn’t enough, there is always the quick train ride into New York City. I will endeavor to keep you posted on the offerings, and welcome your input. OH! And I can cook too.